"Modern medicine is pure genius at acute emergencies, and pure idiocy at preventing and treating disease."

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"You have helped me in getting my cholesterol under control and now my blood pressure is almost perfect.

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"Keep up the good writing! I count on you to keep thinking outside the prescription pad." 

Barbara B, OK

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Why men must take this nutrient before their prostate swells

There are times when a man needs to take action before a problem develops. And one of the problems that many of us will face as we get older has to do with our prostates. They can get too large (called benign prostatic hypertrophy) and end up being a big aggravation that sometimes needs surgery. They also can end up turning cancerous and be an even bigger aggravation. These problems are all too common. Now some research is showing that the time to do something about these problems is before you have them.

Do Testosterone Treatments Cause Heart Attacks and Strokes?

Uh-oh. Just when you guys thought it was safe to go in the water, up from the deep comes this pronouncement from the Associated Press: “Testosterone treatments may increase risks for heart attacks, strokes, and death in older men with low hormone levels and other health problems, a big Veterans Affairs study suggests.” The article goes on to say, “Men who used testosterone were 30% more likely to have a heart attack or stroke or to die during a three-year period than men with low hormone levels who didn’t take the supplements.” That sounds pretty bad! Maybe I better stop taking my testosterone injections while there’s still time? Oh yes, and what about all the men I have prescribed testosterone to? What am I going to do?


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