"God made your body to heal itself, all you have to do is to help it. Drugs don’t do that."

Dr. Frank Shallenberger



"You have helped me in getting my cholesterol under control and now my blood pressure is almost perfect.

All done naturally!"

Iris M., AZ

"I particularly like the way Real Cures is so specific and all-inclusive. Real Cures strengthens my resolve to resist using unnatural and harmful drugs. The amount of good this has done me is probably immeasurable."

Don A., NJ

"Dr. Shallenberger's advice has been invaluable to me for over 7 years. My physical condition has improved dramatically in many ways. It has been a life changing experience, I am 63 years old and feel like I am in my 30's. Thank you Dr. S." 

Alex G, NV

"Keep up the good writing! I count on you to keep thinking outside the prescription pad." 

Barbara B, OK

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Real Cures helps you go beyond "band-aid" solutions to get to the real cause of your health problems

Editor-in-Chief Frank Shallenberger MD, has been practicing medicine for over 35 years. He is licensed in both conventional and alternative medicine.

Dr. Shallenberger uses breakthrough cures you won't hear about from mainstream medicine or even other "alternative" or anti-aging doctors. You'll discover how to cure your arthritis, diabetes, allergies, fatigue, insomnia, fibromyalgia and a host of other illnesses.

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If Robin Williams had known about this natural treatment, he might still be alive

The sad death of Robin Williams is all over the news. Here is a story of a well-loved man who had all the resources that anyone could hope for. He was famous and wealthy. He had full insurance coverage and access to the best that modern medicine has to offer. If anything is a tragedy, certainly his death is. Why? Because it was completely preventable.




How to Avoid Prostate Biopsies, Self-Treat a Rising PSA, and Keep Cancer Under Control

This is the kind of story that makes it all worth it. Bob is a 74-year-old guy who was more or less forced to take things into his own hands. About two years ago, he had a PSA of 8.4 ng/ml. His doctors told him he probably had prostate cancer and needed a biopsy (specifically a 12-core biopsy — more on that in a minute). But Bob has been a Real Cures reader for years. And he remembered that in the past I had reported that most prostate cancer biopsies were not needed. So he passed on that. And instead decided to find a doctor who knew how to treat prostate cancer naturally without needing a biopsy. And that’s where he started to have some problems.



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